Our Brand, Beliefs and Practice

Australian owned and designed, with care.

We are proudly a slow fashion Australian business meticulously designing and creating pieces for quality and longevity. A great deal of time is put into bringing you an extremely high quality product both aesthetically and functionally while introducing products that are new and innovative. Unlike common practice, we DO NOT sell high volume, mass produced, replicated bags manufactured in China with the brand attached. Our BUSY SHE bags and accessories have been thoughtfully designed and considered BY US. All of our leathers have been individually selected and every stitch has been carefully crafted by our team of highly experienced leather tailors. Our team of leather tailors are amongst the best in the world and are located in Seminyak, Indonesia. We are very proud to be supporting and to be apart of such a talented and happy team. 

As a slow fashion business, small batch production schedules, fair wages, low carbon footprint and zero waste are our priorities. We hold our environment in the highest regard and minimise our footprint in every choice. We don’t use plastic or artificial materials on or in our products and packaging thus contributing to a circular economy, vital to our planets health.

Through investing in a BUSY SHE piece, you are not only supporting Australian small business but also contributing towards significant positive change.

Together, we can preserve the future of handmade and the artisan craft, minimise mass production and contribute to a healthier and happier world.